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We guarantee to make your worksites safer, reduce costs by eliminating waste, improve the reliability of your schedules and increase the quality of your deliverables.

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The only firm dedicated to improve the stakeholders' productivity in the construction industry 

In the midst of a labor shortage, companies are looking for solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of their construction projects to meet budgets, deadlines and specified quality. In an industry that invests little in innovation, many want to turn to technology without knowing where to start.

Founded in 2018, Builthink’s purpose is to assist, advise and support companies working in the construction industry to apply the principles of Lean Construction while guiding them towards the adoption of technologies according to their real needs across Canada.

Whether you work in the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or civil engineering field, our consultants will assist and advise you in all facets of your construction projects: from design, to manufacturing and to all the construction phases. We are not only determined to make your projects more efficient but also in all the activities of your company from the estimate to the delivery of the project.

Benefit from the extensive experience of the Builthink Consultants team

 Our team consists of expert consultants with a vast experience in construction, allowing us to understand your reality. Our experience in all construction disciplines allows us to effectively address the different needs of professionals, general contractors, specialized and manufacturers in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, elsewhere in Canada and even internationally.

Management team

Louis Parent, Eng., MBA, PMP, LSSBB President

Louis' construction experience includes many complex commercial, institutional, industrial and even projects around the world.

Michelle Rafie, LSSGB                                    Vice-president technology

Michelle’s extensive technological experience allows her to review, analyze, select and implement the best technological solution adapted to the operational needs of our clients in this era of Industry 4.0.


Our mission is to assist, advise and support construction industry stakeholders in the operational optimization of their company, their project and their partners through the integration of innovative and eco-responsible practices.


Our vision is to transform the construction industry so that it can reach the highest standards of technical, economical, social and environmental performance.


  1. Teamwork – Co-construct living environments.  Taking care for each other by collaborating and cooperating with all.

  2. Innovation – Building with the end in mind to achieve our clients’ goals and visions.  Be sustainable innovators.

  3. ​Pioneer – Promoting the modern transformation of the construction industry. Be passionate, energetic, efficient, agile and a change manager


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Builthink is exactly what the industry needs! The bridge between operational excellence and technology!

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