Build with the end in mind for the construction industry in Canada

At Builthink, we’re not just talking about digital transformation, we’re talking about organizational transformation. We are here to build the vision that you have for your organization.

Bridge the gap between operations and technology

Operational Excellence & Technology

Builthink Consultants assists, advises and supports you to maximize the performance of your company through digital transformation and the application of innovative practices such as Lean Construction.

By bridging operational excellence and technology, Builthink aims to ensure that you meet the highest standards in health and safety, quality, project management, efficiency and sustainability.

Let us show you without further delay the productivity gains you can achieve on all your projects, turn to Builthink Consultants!


Who are our clients

Whether you are in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto or anywhere in Canada

We are committed to increasing the proportion of value-added activities in all your construction projects in Canada


Public or Private real estate developers

We assist you with a holistic look throughout the project, from the design to its operability. From setting standards to implementing collaborative projects, we are here to help you make your projects more efficient, of better quality and on time.


Architectural & engineering firms

In a highly competitive environment, professionals must complete plans and specifications within ever-tighter deadlines and budgets. We guide you in setting up an organizational structure and standards towards all levels of BIM (Building Information Modeling).


General and specialized contractors

In today’s economic climate, businesses need to increase their productivity and to continue to grow, they need to have simple, efficient processes and be surrounded by the right technological tools based on their real needs. It is in this context that Builthink excels!

Suppliers and installers

Manufacturers for the construction industry

Suppliers in the construction industry face many challenges in meeting the specific needs of projects, both in terms of custom-made, quality requirements and deadlines that require constant flexibility. At Builthink Consultants, we understand exactly this reality in this 4.0 industry era.

Increase your efficiency with Lean Construction

Builthink Consultants is your specialist in Lean Design and Lean Construction to make your projects safer while meeting budgets and deadlines with higher quality.
Lean Construction

Base your customer experience on high quality standards

Builthink Consultants support you in simplifying your processes on a continuous improvement basis.

The right technology for the right reasons according to your needs

Builthink Consultants help you bridge the gap between the need to improve your current operations while leveraging technology in a short, medium and long term vision.

The technological ecosystem to meet your needs

Builthink Consultants offers innovative solutions through specifically selected partners to solve your various organizational challenges.

A digital plan for successful technology transformation

Builthink Consultants is accredited to carry out several subsidize 4.0 audits programs that will help you put a solid foundation on your digital transformation.
Audit 4.0

Sustainable development for future generations

Builthink Consultants strengthens your positioning and your level of competitiveness by meeting the requirements of your clients in terms of sustainable development through the implementation of responsible business practices.


Consultants Builthink offers interactive training, moving from theory to reality.

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What we have to offer

Operational excellence - productivity, efficiency, continuous improvement
Technology - digital audits, planning, selection and implementation project management
Training & coaching - Lean construction, collaborative planning, technologies in construction, certification programs